Imagination Day School - "We imagine today what they can do tomorrow."
                                     Mrs. Carol
I decided, along with my daughter, Davida Cole, to open a childcare center that would provide a safe, clean, and educational environment for young children. My granddaughter was 10 months old at the time this decision was made. I wanted to surround her with everything I felt a young child should have in their childcare experiences; therefore, July 1, 2002, Imagination Day School opened its doors. I am very proud to be co-founder of IDS and to work as the Administrator in the everyday operation of the school. I completed all of the training required by licensing to teach prior to opening the school. I understand that to make each child excited about coming to school each day there has to be a lot of love and laughter between the supervisors and teachers with the children. My goal always has been and always will be to strive to accelerate young children’s learning for them to have a good foundation upon entering kindergarten. Prior to IDS, I worked as a licensed optician for 10 years and for the next 16 years I owned a market research company in Tallahassee. I am also a member of the National Association of Professional Women.                                                                                         
 Mrs. Davida
I am co-founder and the Director of Imagination Day School. When my daughter was about 10 months old, I was forced to look for child care for her. She had spent the time prior to that with me at my office. I worked as Vice President of Quality Control at a market research company for 12 years. Unforeseen circumstances changed the situation. Therefore, my Mother, Carol Jones, and I decided to go on a new journey. It was too hard for me to part with my baby girl, and we both felt that we needed a change. So, July 1, 2002, Imagination Day School’s doors opened. My Mom and I wanted a place where people could drop their children off and feel like they are dropping them off with family. We are not babysitters or just caretakers! Each and every child is treated like family. We wanted a place where parents felt their children would be safe, and they didn’t spend the day being worried. We expect our center to be clean and to have that appeal no matter what time someone enters the building!  We take great pride in Imagination Day School, and we are happy that we have a staff that feels the same way. Our staff is also our family! I have my 45 hours of childcare training, CPR and First Aid, CDA and Director’s Credential.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with and caring for children since 1997. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I understand the importance of providing the children with a safe and comfortable environment as this may be their first experience in childcare. I work diligently to motivate and encourage children to be independent individuals.                                                                                          
I’ve worked at IDS for eight wonderful years with over ten years of experience in childcare. My credentials include FCCPC certification among many in-service and training hours. I have the opportunity to work with children ages one to four years old. My creativity is always in overdrive and is sparked by the children’s imagination. I pride myself in being hardworking and dedicated to providing children with a learning environment that is enjoyable and successful. My #1  goal as a teacher is to make the children life-long learners.                                                                                              
Mrs .Deshantia  
 I have been since IDS started the program in 2007.  I have been a part of the IDS team since 2003 and can’t imagine being anywhere else. My certification and training include but not limited to the following: FCCPC certification and VPK endorsed director credential. My passion and desire is to help my VPK students receive the best pre-kindergarten opportunity and experience ever.                                                                                    

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